Where to order Pixy

If you are interested in Pixy for LEGO, it is available from RobotShop or Amazon.com

(countries listed alphabetically by region)

The Americas

Canada: RobotShop
Chile: MCI Electronics
Costa Rica: CRCibernetica
Uruguay: Robotec
United States: Adafruit, DigikeyeBay, Jameco, RobotShopSparkfunTrossen Robotics, Mindsensors, Zagros Robotics,
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All of our products are now available (and Prime eligible) from Amazon Europe marketplaces.

Belgium: Elektronica Voor Jou
Finland: 3D Jampat Oy
France: Lextronic, RobotShop, Generation Robots, GoTronicAmazon.fr
Germany: noDNA, Watterrott, Amazon.de
Italy: Futura Elettronica, Amazon.it
Netherlands: Elektronica Voor Jou
Slovenia: Galagomarket
Spain: BricoGeek, Amazon.es
Switzerland: Boxtec
Turkey: Robot Sepeti
United Kingdom: Cool ComponentsDevantech (Robot Electronics)The Pi HutRobotshop, Amazon.co.uk

Asia and Pacific

Australia: Tribotix
China: Seeed Studio, DFRobot
India: Simple Labs, Adhira Technologies
Japan: TechShare, Robotshop
Korea: ELEPARTS, HanitechVCTEC
Malaysia: Cytron Technologies
Philippines: Makerlab Electronics
Singapore: Sgbotic, Robot R Us
Taiwan: PlayRobot
Thailand: Inex
Turkey: Robot Sepeti


If you don’t see your country above, you can order Pixy through eBay.