Introducing Pixy 2.1

Hi Everybody,

Hope all is well on your end.  We are happy to announce an improved Pixy version 2.1.  Included in the new design:

Wider field-of-view — the previous Pixy version (2.0) had a 60 degree horizontal field-of-view.  The new version has an 80 degree field-of-view.  Most users want the larger field of view because of the ability to see more of the environment per image.  There is some spherical distortion with the new lens, which comes with the wider field-of-view.

Replaceable lens — the M12 lens mount allows you to substitute a different lens if you wish

Adjustable focus — the M12 lens has an adjustable focus that allows focusing on objects at practically any distance, including as close as 0.25”.

Less chromatic distortion — the new lens has virtually no chromatic distortion at the edges, whereas the previous Pixy version had a small amount of chromatic distortion.

Less pixel noise — the new lens has an F-stop of 2.0 vs the previous lens which had an F-stop of over 3.0.  This means better light gathering ability, more signal and less noise for a given amount of ambient light.  Less noise means better detection accuracy for this new Pixy version. 

Everything else about Pixy 2.1 is the same — software, firmware and feature set. Pixy 2.1 is slightly larger, however, adding 0.25 inches to the height and depth of the camera versus Pixy 2.0.  And while our cost has increased, we are keeping the distribution and retail cost exactly the same for Pixy 2.1.

Expect to see this new version of Pixy in stock soon with our distributors.

Thank you!